•Praying for the freedom of North Koreans from poverty, oppression, idolatry and lies
Praying that the Gospel would spread to the darkest areas of the land, and Churches would flourish
Praying for a peaceful, gospel-led reunification.

*Crying out to the LORD!

*So glad to add to the incense ascending to the LORD.

*May the Lord call forth intercessors from all around the world to pray for North Korea.

*I pray for love in North-Korea, for the consolidation and strength of God's Spirit to empower the children of God in North-Korea, and for an unyielding spread of the gospel in North-Korea.

*1) Please pray that God would bring every North Korean worldwide to a saving knowledge of the truth. May each & every North Korean know of and fully experience God’s love, mercy & grace in tangible ways.                                                                 2) Please pray that God would provide for & protect the most marginalized in North Korea, i.e., children, women, elderly, the poor, the disabled, etc.

3) Please pray that God would send revival to North Korea in the power of the Holy Spirit characterized by true repentance.
4) Please pray that God would continue to strengthen Christians in North Korea in their suffering & persecution in order that they would remain bold witnesses for Christ & may the North Korean church grow exponentially.
5) Please pray that God would cause Christians throughout the world to earnestly pray for deliverance of North Korea, repent of sin & share the love of Christ with North Koreans worldwide.
6) Please pray that God would provide for, protect & save the significant number of Chinese/North Korean children, many who are orphaned living in China & South Korea.
7) Please pray that God would comfort, sustain, deliver & save all those in North Korean prisons and/or reeducation camps.

* “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of GOD...” (eph. 6:12-13a) Lord, we acknowledge the battle that we are fighting is not merely physical nor political in nature, but ultimately spiritual. Help us to see with spiritual eyes and hear with spiritual ears, so that we may partner with you in the work you are already doing in and outside of NK for the people of North Korea. Jesus you loved the NK people so much that you sent your one and only Son to die for them…may they have ears to hear and eyes to see you and know this truth. You alone are Lord and Lord of all. There is truly none like You, none besides You. God we know You are working in ways seen and unseen—increase what You are doing and help us to be a part of it, Lord. Your Will be done Your kingdom come here as it is in heaven. There is no other name in heaven above or earth below by which we may be saved. God, turn your ear and extend your arm to bring the Kim Jong-Un to repentance or otherwise remove him from leadership. We are in need of another great awakening, O God.. do it again as you did 70 years ago in Pyongyang, where it used to be called the Jerusalem of the East for the revival that was poured out. Lord, You are not done in NK, and we are asking O God that You would do a mighty work in this day and age that all the nations and people would know that you and you alone are GOD of all. We break the strongholds in NK that need to be broken in the name of Jesus, including fear, deceit, poverty, sickness and confusion. For where there is perfect love there is no fear. (1 John 4:18). The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it (John 1:5).

* O God give peace and relieve to the innocents, who are being inprisoned and others who are prosecuted and intimidated. 

* Father GOD, I thank You that North Korea will soon be FREE! The oppression and persecution of the precious souls in North Korea has gone on too long! Thank You, that though we cannot see it right now, You are working behind the scenes to complete this FREEDOM! I pray You will surround these precious ones with Your love, encouragement and protection every minute of every day. I pray that each one will feel Your presence and know Your love. I pray for visions and visitation from Jesus. Give them new songs to sing in the midst of their storms. We love you Abba Father and we love the North Korean people. Bless them, LORD, In the Mighty Name of Jesus I pray ... AMEN!