International Day of Prayer and Fasting for North Korea

April 28, 2018

Opening Prayer

Lord, our Creator, you have declared we are yours. Father, the people of North Korea are going through the rugged waters and the flaming fires of untold suffering. When we ask why Lord, it is not because we do not trust but because we do not understand. By your instructive Presence, tell us how we should pray for them. Make the purpose of our petitions be only for your glory. Lord, we confess our sinfulness and thank you that you are faithful and just to forgive our sins, and purify us from all unrighteousness. Help us to pray with purity. Let us intercede as you, Lord Jesus, are interceding. We love you, we praise you, we continue to trust you for answers to our petitions. Amen.


Praising God (from Psalm 107)

Mighty and Eternal Father God, you are worthy of all our praise. You satisfy the thirsty. You fill the hungry with good things. You save us from our distress. You bring us out of darkness and deepest gloom. You break our chains. You break down gates of bronze. You cut through bars of iron. You send forth your Word and you heal us. You rescue us from the grave. You still the storm to a whisper. You hush the waves of the sea and you guide us to our desired haven. You turn the desert into pools of water. You turn parched ground into flowing springs. You bring the hungry to a place to live. You bless us. You lift us out of our affliction. You increase our families like flocks. The upright see and rejoice, but all the wicked shut their mouths. You alone are God. You alone are Lord. Praise be to Jesus, our Rock! Amen!


The Binding of Satan

Almighty God, we struggle against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Holy Father, in your Son’s Name, by the power of your Holy Spirit, under the cross, we bind and nullify any Satanic activity against those for whom we pray or against us. Protect us under the shed blood of Jesus Christ. We send any evil spirits or curses to Jesus to deal with them as He will. We welcome you, Holy Spirit, and declare our reliance on you to guide and anoint our prayers. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Praying for Refugees

  • Thank you Lord! For Free North Korea Radio and for the messages of encouragement and hope that are going out to the people of NK. Please continue to send them, Lord. Inspire those who provide these messages to be bold in proclaiming the truth, love and freedom in you that the North Korean people so desperately need to hear. You are faithful.
  • Give your Holy Spirit guidance to those who are thinking about escaping from North Korea. Lord Jesus, many as yet do not know you, but you know their hearts. You know those who will respond to your great love. Make a way for them to not only find their way out of North Korea, but to find their way to you. You are faithful.
  • Lord Jesus, blind the eyes of security guards and others who want to seek out and destroy escapees from North Korea. Don’t let them be successful in carrying out their mission of enslavement, imprisonment, physical harm and death. Instead, by mighty signs and wonders, let those who seek freedom find the way that you lay out for them. Dismantle the close cooperation between the Chinese and the North Korean security forces. You are faithful.
  • Cause the Chinese who are involved in the repatriation process to have a deep sense of shame and guilt. Change hearts of stone to hearts of compassion. You are faithful.
  • For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Eph. 6:12) Heavenly Father, North Korea is truly a deeply dark world. You alone can bring these precious people out of the darkness there and into the light of your Kingdom. Would you please do this? You are faithful.
  • Heavenly Father, put your followers of Jesus in the path of refugees. Give grace to your people in China, South Korea and other countries to care for refugees that you bring to them. Don’t let them be weary in doing good for refugees. Keep building them up in faith. Only by the presence of your mighty Holy Spirit can they remain faithful to you and to the work to which you have called them. You are faithful.
  • Children. Oh, Father God, how many children in North Korea suffer unimaginable heartbreak, hunger, physical, and mental pain at what they experience of life. Be, in reality, their loving Father. We think of refugee children and the fear they carry within them. Oh Lord, miraculously deliver them. Powerfully protect them. Wonderfully love them. You are faithful.
  • Thank you Lord, that you are a sanctuary for the North Koreans in countries where they have gone. Lord, some of them are deeply discouraged. Visit them with signs and wonders of your love and power. Give them rest. Let them hear about the new life in you that you are wanting to give them. Oh Holy Spirit of the Living God, restore, revive and heal the refugees. Replace their fears and the injuries done to them with a spirit of praise, love, joy and freedom in you. You are faithful.

  • Wake up your Church, oh God, to truly be your people. Bring those of us who live in free countries to use our freedom to work for the freedom of those who are enslaved by the enemy, Satan. Jesus, you are the Victor! Bring your victory to be a reality to the North Korean refugees. You are faithful.
  • Father God, give the refugees a story of redemption to tell. Let them give thanks to you wherever they are. Let them deeply experience your goodness and give praise to you – unbridled praise. Bring them to a place there they can settle and thrive on the foundation of rock which is you, Lord Jesus. You are faithful.
  • Let the refugees build houses, settle down, find jobs, plant gardens and eat what they produce. May they marry and have sons and daughters, seeking the peace and prosperity of their place of habitation. You are faithful.


Praying for Leaders and People

  • Oh glorious and heavenly Father, reveal yourself to members of the regime, that they would use their position and influence for your glory and no longer for the glory of Kim Jong Un. Reveal your power to the governing leaders of North Korea. Please bring conviction upon and a spirit of repentance to these leaders.
  • We implore you, oh God! Do not permit Kim Jong Un and his regime to use nuclear weapons against any nation or people. Father God, you alone are Lord. You alone can prevent destruction and devastation. Hear our cry for mercy. Intervene, mighty God. You have created us in your own image. Save us for your Name’s sake.
  • Cause Kim Jong Un to lose his power over the minds of the North Korean people. Liberate the people from such psychological bondage. We ask that even Kim Jong Un would be saved from the power of Satan. You alone have the power to liberate anyone from bondage. Please use your Word to bring the message of salvation and deliverance to the leaders and people of North Korea.
  • Raise up new leaders with the fear of God in their hearts and love for their people. Give them to know that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; that all who follow your precepts have good understanding.
  • Lord Jesus, we pray to you for a future leadership in North Korea that will take a strong stand in recognition of the need for confession of guilt, repentance and reconciliation for the regime’s many crimes against its people. Lord, give the North Koreans a future and a hope that is founded on the knowledge of you and that will lead them to confession of sins, past and present.
  • We boldly ask that you, Father God, will literally give the people their daily bread, and that even those in the remotest parts of the country will have sufficient access to food. That you will bless their efforts at starting businesses so that they can provide for themselves and not depend on the government. Lord we praise you because you are already moving to meet the needs of the North Koreans. Strengthen them and help them provide for themselves and their families, and bring them to the knowledge of you as their Great Provider.
  • Please provide food for the many street children. Cause even the authorities to allow food to be given to these children. Most Good Heavenly Father, may these children experience food provided by you in miraculous ways.


Praying for Those in Prisons and Labor Camps

  • Most merciful Father, you see and you know the hundreds of thousands of North Koreans who are currently being detained and tortured in prison camps. May the groans of the prisoners come before you; by the strength of your arm preserve those condemned to die.
  • Cause prison administrators and guards to have compassion on the prisoners. In your great love and mercy, bring an end to the torture, beatings, forced abortions, and other cruel treatment. Lord, may the power of your Spirit cause your own persecuted ones to be a powerful witness of your love and forgiveness to their persecutors.
  • Cause the doctors in these prisons and camps to recognize the evil of using prisoners for chemical and biological weapons experiments. Bring such remorse, fear and shame into their souls as to make them stop these practices.
  • We pray for physical, psychological and spiritual healing for those who have suffered, and are currently suffering in the camps. You, dear Lord, are the Great Physician. Have mercy on those who suffer so harshly in the prisons of North Korea. Minister to them by your beautiful Presence. Heal their injuries, wounds and sicknesses, and by these miracles, be glorified!
  • Lord Jesus, people are starving in the camps. Will you please miraculously give them daily bread. Nourish them with physical food, and sustain them by your power.
  • Oh God, the prisoners are forced to perform incredibly hard labor. We ask you to give them strength and stamina. Heavenly Lord and Father, be their refuge and strength, an ever-present help in their trouble.
  • We pray for the protection of women prisoners from rape, and for healing and restoration for those who have already been sexually assaulted by guards or other inmates. Spread your protection over them, and let them hear the good news of your deep love for them.
  • Lord, let the prisoners feel your Presence in the midst of such injustice. Make your Presence deeply known to them. Give them courage to cry out to you, for when they do, you will hear. Praise be to you, Lord Jesus.
  • We ask that imprisoned North Korean Christians will be able to bring the love and light of Jesus Christ into these dark prisons. Holy Lord, make your people a beautiful light in the midst of the terrible darkness.
  • Bring greater awareness of these prisons and labor camps to spread throughout the free world so that enough international pressure will be generated to shut these prisons down. Lord, make known among the nations, and especially in your Church throughout the world, the persecution that North Koreans are suffering. Put your Holy Spirit pressure on leaders of nations to speak out and do what they can to denounce this terrible treatment of people.


Praying Concerning Religion and Associated Penalties

  • Glorious and Mighty Father, we pray for religious freedom for all North Koreans. Bring the rule of the current regime to an end. Establish a new government in North Korea that will ensure religious freedom for all.
  • We ask that the regime will consistently fail in their attempts to stifle Christianity and to destroy the spirit and freedom of the people. Lord, grow your Church in North Korea. Cause all North Koreans to know how greatly they need a Savior. When they cry out to you, be quick to hear and deliver them.
  • Almighty Savior, we ask you to break down the Juche ideology and its dominion over the North Korean people. Especially for the children – that you will extend your shield of mercy around them to protect their minds and hearts from growing cold under such rigid, godless indoctrination. Lord Jesus, let the little children hear about you and your love for them. May they be exposed to your Word in a powerful way. Take hold of their hearts and minds so that they never forget you.
  • We ask that the Gospel will be able to penetrate every part of the country, and that every North Korean will have the chance to hear and know the truth. Cause the ears and hearts of your universal Church to be opened to the plight of North Koreans and seek to know how we can help them. Lord, give aid and victory to those who are boldly bringing your Word to the North Koreans. We thank you for these courageous believers who risk their lives to bring your message of salvation to the lost.
  • By the power of your Holy Spirit, give grace for perseverance and boldness of North Korean believers to share their faith and strengthen others around them. Lord God Holy Spirit, we praise you for taking hold of these our brothers and sisters who risk all to share the Good News to others. Bless them, shield them, and continue to embolden them to bring the Way, the Truth, and the Life to those who are in darkness.
  • Heavenly Father, draw near to the persecuted, sustaining your followers and calling all others to a relationship with you. Lord, may your promise to never leave them or forsake them cause them to love and serve you as you call them to endure. Make them powerful beacons of your light and love.
  • Lord, you tell us to rejoice in the day of persecution and leap for joy because great is our reward in heaven. Please give the needed measure of grace and encouragement to your people in North Korea to endure the suffering. Keep their eyes focused on you and on the promise of eternity in your Kingdom.


Praying Regarding the Meeting between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un

Planned for May 2018

  • Lord of all the nations, we thank you for this planned meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. We praise you for knowing all things, and that the hearts of kings are in your hands. We dedicate this meeting to you, for your good and eternal purposes.
  • Father God, let all that is said between these two leaders be correctly translated and understood. Use whatever transpires between them to bring about peace in the world, and especially between the United States of America and North Korea.
  • Sovereign Lord God, you know all the schemes and devices being planned by the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms to thwart the noble intentions of peacemakers involved in this meeting. Help us to pray in the Spirit on the occasion of this meeting with all kinds of prayers and requests, with strong faith in you to bring about redemption for the people of North Korea and for the people of the United States.
  • May both of these world leaders bow before you, Lord Jesus Christ. May they, during the course of their lives here on earth, come to acknowledge you as having all authority in heaven and on earth.
  • Lord Father God, we acknowledge our sinfulness before you. It is only by your grace and your mercy that you will choose to hear us through the merits of your Son, Jesus Christ. As our two leaders meet, please forgive the sins of the people. And lead us in the way everlasting. Amen.


Praying an Overall Blessing

Father God, bless the people of North Korea; make your face shine upon them and be gracious to them. Turn your face toward them and give them peace. Send forth your Word into their darkness and suffering. Bless those who are insulted for Christ’s name. They will receive the crown of life that you have promised to them. Remind them, Holy Spirit, of the promises of their Heavenly Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in whose mighty Name we pray. Amen.