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Isaiah 58:6
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Luke 18:27
What is impossible with man is possible with God.
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  • Making a difference
  • Eph.6:12
  • Isaiah 58:6
  • Luke 18:27
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Join us for Days of Prayer and Fasting for North Korea

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To Donate for Gospel Programming into North Korea

Defense Forum Foundation is the main organizer for the International Day of Prayer and Fasting for North Korea and supports shortwave broadcasts from Free North Korea Radio into North Korea.

Our International Day of Prayer and Fasting during the first day of North Korea Freedom Week 2018 was so powerful we decided to set aside significant dates coming up to pray and fast.   These dates have been set aside...
June 11th: to pray for the planned summit which will be occurring in Singapore on the 12th  --
please pray for God's will to be done for North Korea's freedom; there will be no lies or deception from the enemy; pray for wisdom and strategy for President Trump and for all who are there representing free nations.
June 25th: anniversary of the day North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950 and the Korean War broke out --
pray with thanks that so many gave their lives for South Korea's freedom and to awaken the conscience of South Koreans and others who ignore the suffering in North Korea.
August 15thKorean Liberation Day (this is a hugely significant day as it is one of the few anniversaries both South AND North celebrate)--
pray that North Korea will truly be liberated and be thankful that South Korea has thrived and flourished in freedom!  God has truly given the world an example right before our eyes of how much suffering comes to a people who are prevented from knowing the One True God and who can be imprisoned and executed for worshiping Him.  North Korea regime is known for being the world's greatest persecutor of Christians.

August 25th: anniversary of the date when Kim Il Song came to power through Soviet controlled elections which began the Kim family's reign of terror; it will be the 70th year anniversary of the DPRK's establishment on September 9th --
please pray that the 70 year reign will end and freedom will come at last to the people of North Korea.
As Rev. Thomas Belke, author of JUCHE, in his presentation to the US Congressional Briefing in January stated: fasting and prayer are the key to breaking the status quo impasse in North Korea.  Belke described April 28th as our D Day Assault and Now, that we have stormed the beaches, it is time to liberate the cities and the nation through prayer and fasting for North Korea's FREEDOM.
NOTE: Open Doors is also calling for a day of fasting and prayer on June 11... here are prayer points from Open Doors:

15 Important, Informed Prayers for U.S.-North Korea Summit

  • Pray that President Trump and Kim Jong-un’s historic meeting on June 12 will be the first in a series of actions that sets Korea on a new course of religious freedom.
  • Pray that Kim will be convinced to release the more than 50,000-plus Christians unjustly held in detention centers and prison camps throughout the country.
  • Pray that Kim will loosen age-old requirements that residents attend indoctrination classes and display and bow to Kim family portraits.
  • Pray that Kim will lift information embargoes and allow his people greater access to radio shows, TV programs, and websites.
  • Pray that Kim will allow for the creation of new churches where North Koreans can freely worship outside of the one “show church” that currently exists.
  • Pray that existing believers within North Korea would take courage to lead a new revival of the Christian faith in North Korea.
  • Pray that the underground church In North Korea would grow in boldness and be ready for widespread evangelism efforts when the opportunity arises.
  • Pray that extended families who have been separated across North and South Korea may be reunited.
  • Pray that organizations like Open Doors will be allowed access to provide Christian training and resources to believers in North Korea.
  • Pray that other relief and aid organizations would gain entrance to provide relief aid, trauma care, and other needed services.
  • Pray that North Korea’s economic and social infrastructure will find reform—that children will no longer be forced into labor, that preschoolers will no longer be indoctrinated, that roadways will be made safe.
  • Pray that North Korea’s food supply would be enriched through education and increasedtrade, so that the 2 in 5 who are currently undernourished will be provided with adequate nutrition.
  • Pray that God will give North Korean people wisdom to sift through the many nationalistic and mythical storylines and propaganda they have been fed throughout their lives.
  • Pray that parents will ultimately be able to freely share their faith with their children and raise them to know Jesus.
  • Pray that U.S. and other world leaders would put in place the right sanctions, pressures, encouragementsand opportunities to restore peace and well-being for North Koreans and their neighbors.

Also check here for more information:



Call for an International Day of Extraordinary Prayer and Fasting to Almighty God for North Korea on April 28th 2018

Dear Prayer Warriors:

Thank you for joining us in a day of extraordinary prayer and fasting for North Korea on April 28.  Please see below a special message from Rev. Thomas Belke, the foremost expert on juche,  explaining why what you are doing is so, so important.  Also, please check the links for suggested prayer points compiled for you by Alana Johnson and other important links as well as messages we have received from your fellow prayer warriors around the world.

Blessings and Many Thanks,


A word from Reverend Belke:

The date for the massive Kingdom of God D-Day assault is set for April 28, 2018 … not with bombs or natural weapons, but with the more powerful weapons of extraordinary fasting and prayer.

Currently, I am completing a doctorate in biblical studies at Tidewater Bible College. My dissertation is on, “Reexamining the authorship of the biblical book of Jonah”. After studying the Dead Sea Scrolls, Assyrian archaeology, the Masoretic Text, the Septuagint, Tobit, and other ancient texts, I have found 40 different reasons that point to the Hebrew Prophet Jonah as being the author of the text. 

How is this relevant to North Korea?

Mass-fasting and prayer was what had a decisive impact in the spiritual realm at Nineveh. By my reckoning, it resulted in an immediate and peaceful resolution to the Assyrian civil war. Fasting and prayer is also the key with regard to North Korea.  These are timeless principles, since we know for certain that God has not changed in the last 2,800 or so years.   In my book Juche, I point out that the key typological text for North Korea is Judges 3:1-3. Thus, the reason that the North Korean regime exists today is to test the Church in our generation -- this generation -- in spiritual warfare to see if we will be obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ. [Yes -- God gives tests!! (yikes).]

Question: Why is this particular prayer and fasting movement different? In other words, "So what?; What's the big deal?!"

Answer: It represents a decisive shift in the focus of the prayer from "national reunification" (i.e., a political aim that is not clearly within Christ's mandate for the Church) to Kingdom of God / spiritual warfare aim of “tearing down spiritual strongholds” (i.e., within the Christ's mandate for the Church). So it is not political. Its aims are purely Kingdom-of-God focused.

The ancient Art of War principle is to identify and target an enemy's center(s) of gravity. The Bible teaches us that sometimes the enemy center of gravity may be in the spiritual realm, not in the physical realm. We are, for sure, more comfortable reckoning with centers of gravity in the physical / natural realm. However, both the Old and New Testament Scriptures teach us that enemy centers of gravity in the spiritual / supernatural realm are no less real. 

For some believers, spiritual warfare is an abstract religious concept that is best left in the realm of libraries, seminaries, and Frank Perreti novels, but has no theory-to-practice relevance … or if it does, it is to occur at some distant time in the future. 

However, Kingdom of God events occur in the course of real human history. The date for the massive Kingdom of God D-Day assault is set for April 28, 2018 … not with bombs or natural weapons, but with the more powerful weapons of extraordinary fasting and prayer.

My message to Congress in January was that fasting and prayer are the key to breaking the status quo impasse in North Korea, -- and, that all other efforts, however well-intentioned, amount to "rearranging the lawn furniture." I also told them that, per Ephesians 6:12, this is the work of the Church. And by “the Church” let’s be clear that this is a call to all people to fast and pray. In North Korea, you are sent to a death camp simply for believing in heaven. So, let’s not over-think this. If you believe in heaven, then fast and pray for North Korea on April 28th. That’s what happened in Nineveh. If you don’t’ believe in heaven, then you are kindly excused from fasting and praying.

Today, we, the Church, through the Great Commission, have a greater (not lesser) impartation of divine revelation and spiritual authority than those living in ancient times. And, as the Scriptures clearly show in Exodus 3:7, Jonah 4:11, and elsewhere, great numbers of people crying out to God do get his attention. So, yes, your personal participation in this spiritual assault matters.

In heaven, unlike here on Earth, the prayers are visible and the quantity is visibly measurable by God. Revelation 5:8 and 8:4 show that, in heaven, the prayers of the saints fill heavenly golden bowls and vials and come before the Lord. So, we impact heaven, and God accomplishes what needs to be done to North Korea here on Earth. In military strategy, this amounts to what is well known as, “the indirect approach.” However, this event is more than that. It is also a direct frontal assault on the demonic principalities and powers enthroned over North Korea. The Church is delegated the authority to pull down these strongholds. So on April 28th, we are “storming the castle” and “taking spiritual high ground” over North Korea to the glory of God in Christ Jesus.

This is a day that I have yearned for -- for over 25 years. Others have yearned for it for much longer. Suzanne Scholte is the one "blowing the shofar" to launch the spiritual attack. What about those who opt out? Would you have opted out of "marching around Jericho?" Or would you have wanted to be among the 31,700 that Gideon sent home, or among the 300 who participated? The spiritual principalities over North Korea are no less real than the Midianite horde that Gideon faced. And God will similarly glorify His Name in our generation.

This coming Saturday, we get to participate. However, since Korea is 13 hours ahead of us on the U.S. East Coast, for us, this starts on Friday evening.  -- Rev. Thomas Belke

Suzanne Scholte Seoul Peace Prize Laureate President, Defense Forum Foundation Chair, North Korea Freedom Coalition


PDF in Korean

Please commit to pray and fast with us for the people of North Korea on Saturday, April 28, the International Day of Extraordinary Prayer and Fasting to Almighty God for North Korea.

While there have been many prayer vigils and services focused on North Korea, we believe that not just prayer -- but also fasting -- is necessary to combat the evil that reigns over the people of North Korea.

In January, 2018, Dr. Thomas Belke, one of the world’s leading experts on Juche and author of JUCHE: A Christian Study of North Korea's State Religion, testified before the Congressional International Religious Freedom Caucus about the spiritual evil pervading North Korea explaining that it can only be defeated by prayer and fasting. Citing Matthew 17:21, when Jesus told his disciples, “This kind [of demon] does not go out except by prayer and fasting” (Matthew 17:21), Dr. Belke reminded us of the many times in America’s history (e.g., President James Madison in 1814) when Americans appealed to Heaven with prayer and fasting to change the course of history.

We believe that a day of prayer and fasting to Almighty God by multitudes of people globally is the most important strategic weapon we can apply in the face of the horrible suffering we see impacting the people of North Korea, the most persecuted people on Earth. We see the escalating and growing threats to peace on the Korean peninsula from Kim Jong Un, but we know: “What is impossible with man is possible with God (Luke 18:27).” The Bible says: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12).

Strategic Timing: April 28th is also an important date in the history of the North Korea human rights movement. It is the anniversary of the first North Korea Freedom Day and the first day of the 15th annual North Korea Freedom Week (April 28-May 5, 2018). The first North Korea Freedom Day held on Capitol Hill on April 28, 2004, was the largest gathering of Americans to promote human rights in North Korea that had ever been held outside the Korean peninsula. Members of Congress credit that day as leading to the unanimous passage of the North Korea Human Rights Act, the first time emphasis was focused on the suffering people of North Korea. That led to action worldwide with similar action taken in Japan, the European Union, and eventually in the Republic of Korea Furthermore, there is a 40 day prayer initiative beginning April 29 th in South Korea, while the National Day of Prayer in America is also calling for a day of prayer for North Korea on May 5th . With the current focus on a May summit between Trump and Kim it is also timely to pray that such a meeting advance the freedom of North Korea and be used for God’s purposes. (Gen. 50:20)

Please join us for the International Day of Prayer and Fasting for North Korea on April 28th, 2018 by committing to praying and fasting with us.

Blessings and Many Thanks for your consideration,

Rev. Thomas J. Belke (Capt., USN, ret), author, JUCHE
Rev. Bob Fox, Abundant Life Fellowship, author, Healing America’s DNA
Dr. Suzanne Scholte, Chair, North Korea Freedom Week, Seoul Peace Prize Laureate
Dr. Ok Cha Soh, President,  Korea-U.S. National Prayer Breakfast
Jeff King, President, International Christian Concern
Pastor Wally, Founder and President, Christians In Crisis
Rev. Paul Hwang, Former President and Senior Advisor, UPCA,
    General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church in America
Rev. Young Hee Lee, President, UPCA
    General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church in America
Atabongwoung Gallous, Africa Solidarity For Sahrawi
Michelle Kim, PSALT

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